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How to Give the Perfect Massage!
by: Alli Ross
Let's face it, sometimes we could all use a good back rub. Massages have been proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, relieve certain types of muscle pain, improve posture , and relieve soreness (especially from sports and other related fitness activities). A massage also improves circulation and flexibility. Increased circulation of the blood helps you to eliminate toxins, feel great, and promote healthy bodily functions. Massage therapy has also been known to provide a more comfortable pregnancy. What a great gift for the mom-to-be.

Here are some massaging tips that hit the spot.

* Start with the shoulders and work your way down. The trick is to knead and roll rather than pinch or lightly stroke. Be careful not to rub directly on the spine, because the skin is thinner there.

* Use rhythmic movements and try to keep them consistent. It's best not to rub longer in one spot than in another unless asked.

* When massaging the neck, place your thumbs on the sides of the neck, curving your fingers over the top of the shoulders. This area is more sensitive for some than others. It's best to ask the person.

* Using the palm of your hand or a flattened fist, apply pressure gently to the spine, working your way up the back of the neck. Once you reach the top of the body, lightly stroke the back from top to bottom in one large motion.

* Using lotion can help relieve dry or irritated skin, as well as leave the person feeling totally relaxed.

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